Cameron Fleming is a strategist who used to be a copywriter.

LG. For whatever you geek.

Standing up for the geek in everyone

Being a geek isn’t just for nerds anymore. These days, everybody geeks. And geeks aren’t ashamed to like what they like — they’re proud. So to distinguish the LG G7 ThinQ from all the other black rectangles out there, we turned LG into the unofficial sponsor of everything people are truly, passionately, obsessively into. Wherever geeks were, so were we.

Cameron Fleming
Art Director
Caroline Sierra-Bornais
Emmanuel Obayemi
Executive Creative Directors
Glen D’Souza and Mike Takasaki
Chief Creative Officer
Matt Hassell
KBS Toronto
Jamie Webster and Adam Beck
Luis Mora
Billboard that reads “Geek Harder”
Transit shelter that reads “Let your ears geek out”
Transit shelter that reads “Geek far and wide”
Transit shelter that reads “Geek like a foodie”
Transit shelter that reads “Geek to the next level”
Transit shelter that reads “Geek’s best friend”
LG logo
lgcanada Everybody’s a 🤓 about something. How about you? #EmbraceYourGeeknessDay
LG logo
lgcanada Super brightness unlocked. #LGG7ThinQ
LG logo
lgcanada Hip hop. Rock. Polka. Whatever music you geek, geek on. #LGG7ThinQ
LG logo
lgcanada A lens as wide as your world. #LGG7ThinQ
Streetcar wrap
For [muscle emoji] geeks
For [donut emoji] geeks
For [whale emoji] geeks
For [lipstick emoji] geeks
For [telescope emoji] geeks
For [ping pong paddle emoji] geeks
Two billboards. One reads “For Soccer Geeks,” but the word soccer is crossed out and replaced with football. The other billboard reads “For Football Geeks”, but the word football is crossed out and replaced with soccer.