Cameron Fleming is a strategist who used to be a copywriter.

Cigna. America says “Ahhh.”

Making Americans finally go to the doctor for a checkup

Cigna wanted everyone in America to get an annual checkup. But nobody wants their insurance company to sound like their mom. So we turned to someone who’s definitely not your mother to help: Jimmy Kimmel.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America, and in six ABC local markets, we arranged for ABC personalities to swap jobs with busy workers to give them time to see the doctor. Advertising Age called the integration with ABC a “late-night coup.” Along the way, I oversaw so many shoots of checkups that I not only learned how to pronounce sphygmomanometer — I learned how to use one.

Cameron Fleming
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“Ahhh…” :30

Before and after the ABC integration, our television campaign convinced people to go for a checkup, know their numbers, and take control of their health.