Cameron Fleming is a copywriter and creative director.

BMO SmartFolio. Invest online. Not alone.

Confronting fears about online investing

When we asked investors how they felt about investing online, the answers were vivid. People talked about walking into the lion’s den. Or finding themselves naked on the street. Or being lost at sea.

We needed to show people that with SmartFolio, they can invest for themselves without investing by themselves. So we brought their fears of online investing to life, whimsically — and then showed how they no longer apply. The campaign included both preroll and quick social videos for Facebook and Instagram.

Cameron Fleming
Senior Art Director
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Executive Creative Director
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bmocanada With BMO SmartFolio, investing online doesn’t have to feel like swimming upstream. #InvestOnlineNotAlone
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bmocanada It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to invest online with BMO SmartFolio — our rocket scientists do the investing for you. #InvestOnlineNotAlone
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bmocanada Online investing that doesn’t feel like homework. That’s BMO SmartFolio. #InvestOnlineNotAlone
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bmocanada You’re going to need a bigger portfolio. #InvestOnlineNotAlone